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I am a novelist writing adult and young adult science fiction and fantasy, actively writing and seeking representation for my completed works. My most recent protagonist is Carey, the crippled prince of Surnia, who kisses the enemy spy trapped in his bedroom to save her life, and takes his first limping steps toward the treason that will save his kingdom. For the complete bibliography of my unpublished bookshelf, see my writing page.

For five years from 2010 to 2015, I sweated through a Ph. D. in asteroid orbital dynamics in Tucson at the University of Arizona. If this sort of thing thrills you, feel free to visit my planetary science website here. If you have a lot of time and a sincere affection for inner main belt asteroids, you can even download a PDF of my dissertation, “Asteroid Dynamics in the Inner Main Belt.”

Or instead, if you prefer dissertations condensed into one page and written in Dr. Seuss’s anapestic tetrameter, read my Dissertation Summary Poem here.

If you like the poem, check out the rest of my blog posts for The Post Calvin, a community of thirty Calvin College alumni bloggers under age thirty. They’re great, if you like discussions on science and faith (especially the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye “debate“), a bloody break-in, a plea for pseudoscience to eat cilantro, and futuristic flash fiction. If you don’t, you’re either normal or something is terribly wrong with you. Or maybe me.

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