I write young-adult (YA) science fiction novels, scientific journal articles on asteroid dynamics and occasional essays on science and faith. I secretly aspire to write and illustrate children’s picture books… stay tuned.

I am currently working on a YA contemporary sci-fi novel, Failsafe, whose goth-wannabe heroine Raven flubbed her first mission to save the world, and now must battle her alien-induced amnesia to take on her next. Read the prologue here!

Most recently, I completed an epic sci-fi fantasy novel co-written with my friend and fellow writer E. R. Sandfire — spacefaring soldier Tamera Glade fights against and alongside steampunk wizard Arlocke Attenmoor in Aether Unlocked.

I have also written a YA sci-fi, Fighting Blind, whose heroine Meia fights with a team of colonists on a distant planet to protect her people from a new threat, one that neutralizes many of their technological advantages… including Meia’s own “advantage” of assisted vision. Read the first few chapters here!

Lastly, I completed a YA space opera trilogy, Fugitive Star, whose heroine Aylin Starr tries to hide her expert combat skills at a military school that can’t keep secrets. Read the first chapter here!

In 2013 and 2014, I joined a community of thirty Calvin College alumni bloggers under age thirty, writing about science, faith, parenting and politics. You can read all of my posts here. My personal favorite is “Blood of a Thief.”

Once in a while, I like to share writing “snatches,” like YouTube videos (average 4:12 minutes, with occasional cats), on my blog: minutesnatch.blogspot.com.

Connect with me on Twitter! @melissa_haegert