I believe that art and science should be friends. Enjoy!


I painted this Tucson desert moonscape in December 2014, for submission to the 2015 Art of Planetary Science show at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. My son was 18 months old at the time, and fascinated by his favorite celestial object, the “muh.”


“Ice halo around the ‘muh'” — TAPS art show, December 2014, acrylic on canvas



Mars’ moon Phobos hangs dark and silent against the cratered and canyoned chaos of the Martian surface. Phobos is due to crash into the surface of Mars, probably in the next 50 million years or so. I hope we’ve gone a long way toward figuring out its secrets — origin, composition, general aura of mystery — by its expiration date.


“Phobos: Best before 15874 G.C.E” — TAPS art show, October 2014, acrylic on canvas



I painted this African scene from a picture that my sister Janelle took while watching the sunrise across the Gambian fields one morning. I gave it to Janelle to celebrate the news that she was going to be able to go back and visit Gambia in the fall. Also, it was her birthday.


“The Return” — For Janelle Haegert, January 2014, acrylic on canvas



My husband’s family has pastored a small church in Albuquerque, NM for over 25 years. This painting was a Christmas present for them in December 2013.


“Fellowship CRC” — For the Dykhuises, December 2013, acrylic on canvas

And then, after I finished painting the church, this happened:


“Finger Painting by Matthew” — For Grandma and Grandpa, December 2013, acrylic on everything



When you meet a friend — or even a remote acquaintance — on an African road, you must always stop and greet them. The better you know them, the longer the string of traditional greetings you share, while your fidgety, sunburny children fidget and burn on the sun-baked red dirt of the road… And then I left Gambia as a college kid, and realized I missed that road.

I painted the African scene (below) for my husband’s family as a gift in summer 2008.


“African Road” — For the Dykhuises, Summer 2008, watercolor pencils on watercolor paper



The first summer that we were getting to know each other, my now-husband Nathan and I sent a novel’s worth of email conversation across the country from Grand Rapids, MI to Albuquerque, NM. In one of those tomes, he mentioned that he liked fish, and I mentioned that I liked painting, and… see below. My grandmother liked the painting a lot, and was disappointed when I said it was for Nathan, until my Dad teased: “It’s for them.” He was right!


“Fish picture” — For Nathan Dykhuis, September 2007, acrylic on watercolor paper