All the glory to God for the precious family he has surrounded me with!


In 1993, my parents, Dr. Stan and Deb Haegert, moved to Gambia, West Africa to work at a small missionary clinic in one of the rural villages there.** My sister Janelle and I grew up on a five-acre compound full of trees full of missionary kids, and we loved it. My childhood taught me to climb, to write adventure stories, to sing Wolof worship songs, to eat cashew fruits, to stargaze with binoculars, and to submit all of my high school work via snail mail and even snailier email.

** Maybe raising two preschoolers in America was too easy?

In 2006, we all returned to the U.S., and I attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. I studied asteroid dynamics there with Dr. Larry Molnar, and I only ever invited one boy to visit the observatory where I worked as head observer for the college’s two 16-inch telescopes. That boy loved the observatory, and loved God, and ended up loving me, and I married him in 2010. Nathan Dykhuis came as a package deal; I now have the best in-laws I could ever hope for, who live in the city with the most awesome name ever, where the towels are oh so fluffy.

The fun didn’t stop there. Now we’re comfortably settled in Lafayette, CO, with one un-photogenic but oh so fluffy cat and two photogenic and not-so-fluffy toddlers.



But all that’s just our cover story.


Photo credit: Real Life Portraits